The Witch with the Oven

CS Challenger December 2016: The Witch with the Oven

Subeta celebrated the end of 2016 with an Impossible challenger, who can be summoned by using the Bewitching Oven for sale in the Cash Shop for a month from late December until January 2017. The Witch with the Oven can be beaten with a T10 pet (I have seen one mid-T10 making to 5 wins, so this is a guarantee). You may however need to take a bunch of losses in the process and some builds might be more prone to success than others, admittedly.

Health 17,000
Strength 5,000
Defence 3,500
Speed 4,000
EXP 4,875

Category: Impossible
The Witch: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing
You: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing

Piercing Red Eyes **
9 fire, 17 dark, 10 magma
High chance to freeze

25-59 physical, 5 fire, 5 dark, 5 earth, 5 magma
Heals 1,000 HP

Lain Familiars
12-19 physical, 12 dark, 14-18 wind
Blocks 50 physical, 50 wind

Ghastly Cackle
14-17 dark, 22 ice, 21-24 wind

Flaming Stone Oven
12-17 fire, 14-17 dark, 12 earth, 12-17 magma
Blocks 8 fire, 8 dark, 8 earth, 8 magma
May activate Slow Roast (curse, 1 turn) 5 earth, 5 dark
Allows only one weapon use

This challenger can be very tough, even for mid-T11 pets since she freezes a lot and is not very gentle with her Force-Feeding. That it is an infinite attacker and healer adds to the pain of fighting her; that’s why I have marked both of these weapons with asterisks. I still find her difficult for my mid-T11 pet, so I find blasting these two weapons extremely helpful. She seems to have two copies of each weapon, and if you ask me what my blasting priority is, I’d go with both the Force-Feeding, unless you have a solid physical block in your set (Ancestral Unrest/ The Ether; Aerial Assault Jet Pack can be helpful but its lack of heal will hurt you if you are still in the T10-low T11 territory). T10 may find Gelatin Slayer/ Maniacal Essence and Blessed Trident of the Banished One excellent attackers for this challenger. Ancestral Unrest with its physical and light or dark block can be helpful too, but The Ether would also make an excellent physical block to counter her physical attack. More affordable options include (but are not limited to) Featherweight Axe (comes with some percentage heal if your pet’s speed is more than 1,500) to counter her wind icons, or Paintbrush Blades paired with Malignant Rift Staff to stack dark and magma defence, and Unstable Sample Syringe is good for her magma and ice offence. With that said, physical, wind and ice are what I’d prioritise blocking over the others. Also make sure every slot in your weapons is modded with either the Parched Baguette or Blessing of Natural Armor crystals, because it is very likely that her Piercing Red Eyes’ freezing rate will not give you a break.

Although she can hit hard and heal more than a T10 pet can damage with her Force-Feeding, there is indeed a way around this opponents that can guarantee a T10 – low T11 better chance at winning. Stealing is enabled against her, so try to steal her Piercing Red Eyes and Force-Feeding and use them against her. Fortunately they won’t have any penalty (e.g. they won’t cause any damage to your health if you use them), and once they’re in your hands all you have to do is to spam them until she runs out of health. Even for my mid-T11 pet, 1,000 heal per turn is more than 25% heal. Paired that with an infinite healing scroll that offers some block and/ or attack, such as Aftershocks, Skelly, Ocean Currents or Feather Explosion and you’re good to go. However, if you can steal only one, I’d go with the Piercing Red Eyes. There are some very good stealers that can get this job done for you, such as Truth Serum, SubetaBall, KT Ring, and the Ultimaplus Tag, in that order.

However, don’t forget about her curse, which only allows one weapon per turn. though it doesn’t last longer than 1 turn, it may hurt you if your blessing happened to wear off when the curse activates. I’d recommend keeping clutch healers in your set just in case. A few blocking scrolls such as Cobalt Eternal wouldn’t be too bad either. In fact, Cobalt Eternals might be more helpful than Santuria Exodin against the witch, since it covers all icons that she deals.

–Personal notes and strategy–

I froze her first turn to cancel out her freeze in case she used her Piercing Red Eyes. When I was under the protection of the anti-freeze blessing from the helmet, I tried to get my anti-freeze blessings up (either the Blessing of Natural Armor or Parched Baguette) before blasting and stealing. I had a few freezing scrolls on me in case the blessings wouldn’t activate before the anti-freeze protection from the helmet wore off, so that I could freeze her a second time while buying me more time.

I made to win 5 with 10 losses. The first was when I was a low T11, 4 others was when I was mid-way through T11. I managed two wins without stealing anything from her (because I wasn’t aware that stealing was enabled against this challenger), so chance is you can also do it.

My pet’s stats (win 2-5): (T11) 2,570 St/ 2,704 Df/ 1,842 Sp/ 3,800 HP/ 1,459 Int.
(win 1): (T11) ~ 8,800 Total stats
Average hit: 1,400
Average heal: 1,000 HP
(These stats were only applicable to my pet’s build and tier with the following set for wins 2-5)

My set for the Witch: Blessed Trident of the Banished One, Paintbrush Blades, Intricate Energized Helmet, Recycle Blaster, Volatile Energized Mecha, Truth Serum, Phoenix Quill, Reviver of the Lion.
My scroll set for the Witch: Aftershocks, Cobalt Eternal, Gale Force, Perilous Whirlpool x5, Psycho Smasher.