CS Challenger February 2017: Wrole

Second to the urband legend theme for CS challenger series 2017, the Wrole represents the Underground and can be summoned by using the Rusted Tin of Wrole Fangs from the CS from Feb 22 until Mar 31.

Health 1275
Strength 800
Defence 500
Speed 1000
EXP 975

Category: Hard
Wrole: Freeze HealStealCurse Blessing
You: Freeze HealStealCurse Blessing

All weapons have 100% chance to activate:
Pain Resistance (Blessing, infinite turns)
blocks 4 of each icon type except light, fire and ice
Heals 25HP

Blind Rage
6-8 physical, 7 or 8 dark
boosts opponent’s strength by 25 each use

Naked Wrath
4-6 physical, 3 fire, 4-6 dark, 4-6 earth, 3 light, 3 magma, 3 wind

Dirt Snap
0-9 physical, 4 or 5 dark, 4 or 5 earth

Tunnel Vision
15 dark
blocks 20 physical, 20 dark, 20 earth

Since the Wrole doesn’t allow freezing and curses, it might take a high T4 to mid-T5 pet to get a few wins. Better weapons however are available at T5 and beyond, so I’d recommend that you wait until then to face the Wrole.

The Wrole does heavy dark damage, and with its Tunnel Vision it has the potential to deal 30 dark icons per turn while blocking a good chunk of common icons for weapons at T5 and below, so a dark blocker that isn’t heavy on physical/ dark or earth is much preferred for this opponent. You might also want to block physical and earth, its second and third largest icons respectively. Other icons are not that much of a threat. While attacking the Wrole, you should also take into consideration its blessing, which doesn’t block light, fire and ice. It’s best if the weapons you bring into battle deal these icons.

For weapons and strategy, first you might want to blast the Wrole’s weapons, especially its Tunnel Visions, though getting rid of one or two Naked Wraths or Dirt Snaps wouldn’t be bad either. Recycle Blaster and Soma Tablets are recommended, though Blackmoon Hand Blaster can do, albeit much less ideal. For weapons, try to pick those that deal heavy light, fire and ice damage while blocking some of the Wrole’s major icons. Some T5 options to consider are Forj Tempered Kusarigama, Malevolent Grenade and the better Lucent. Tier 6 might find the Lightbulb Nunchucks and Mallarchy Tooth Katar useful. More expensive (and better) options include Reborn Icewand of Doom and Frost Thorn. Use throwing potions such as dark fire and dark light potions for added damage, and Regenerating Pylonic for the strength and defence boost if you feel you need some more to last longer in battle.

For defence, the Forj Tempered Vambraces make a decent shield. With two dark defence tear crystals, it has the potential to block 7-13 dark icons while taking care of a few other stray icons from the Wrole. Actually, some of the weapons recommended above lack defence, so you can slot some dark or physical defence tear or baguette crystals on them too. You might also want to use the Shrine of Apollonia in the latter half of the battle for its blessing which blocks 6 icons each of dark, earth and wind. Tier 6 pet may find the Flayed Lord Breastplate useful. You might also want to keep clutch healers on you. Phoenix Quill and Reviver of the Lion are highly recommended. If your Stealer slot is empty, it might be a good idea to take the UltimaPlus Tag into battle for its 25% heal and attack.

For scrolls, you might want an infinite healing  scroll. Soothing Current, Terra Focujin and Divine Denizhen are all good options to choose from.

–Personal notes and strategy–

If you’re at Tier 6, it is recommended that you use the Flayed Lord Breastplate and Mallarchy Tooth Katar during the first half of the battle to boost your strength and defence. If the Wrole keeps using its Blind Rage, it would help boosting your pet’s strength too. In the later half of the battle, when you use the Shrine of Apollonia you will be able to block more damage and can drop the shield in favour of two attackers from time to time.


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