C.A.P.S. Droid

Crystallised Animated Prototype Soldier Droid

This journal entry covers my battling experience with the C.A.P.S. Droid, a Subeta CS Challenger released March 2017 and unlocked with a Discarded Droid Face Plate. As stated in the Introduction post to my site, I intended this to be more of a battle journal than a guide. While I’m trying my best to provide an overview of the opponent’s weapons and what they do, please keep in mind that it needs more than 10 fights to gather enough data for an accurate summary. I will also try to include weapon suggestions and strategy, but whether or not they work depends on a pet’s build and current stats. Whether or not your pet can take on this challenger sooner or later than I do also depends on your pet’s stats and weapon/ scroll sets.

Health 17,887
Strength 6,548
Defence 7,654
Speed 3,985
EXP 6,784

Category: Impossible
C.A.P.S. Droid: Freeze – Heal – Steal  – Curse – Blessing
You: Freeze – Heal – Steal – Curse – Blessing
Loot drops: Crystal Infused Chip (wearable) and C.A.P.S. Droid Plushie (plushie/ collectible) (click to view on Subetalodge).

Subroutine immobilize: 12 physical, 12 dark, 12 ice
Chance to freeze

Subroutine Heal: Blocks 1 of each icon type
Heals -72 to 459 HP (lowest to highest heal it’s had while fighting with me)

SUBROUTINE ADVANCE: 17-22 physical, 8-10 ice, 14-17 light, 9-10 water

SUBROUTINE STRIKE: 11-14 physical, 24 dark, 12 ice, 7-8 light, 12 wind

SUBROUTINE SPECIAL: 10-13 physical, 10-12 dark, 12 earth, 15 ice, 10 light, 10 water, 8 wind
Heals 250HP
May activate curse: SUBROUTINE POISON (Curse): 4 dark, 3 ice, 3 water
Disables scrolls for one turn

SUBROUTINE DEFEND: Blocks 75 of each icon type

Although at first glance the Droid may look scary with its stats, it might not be as much of a threat to mid- to high-T11 pets due to the nature of its weapons. They cover a wide range of icons; fortunately none of them deals a huge chunk of any type and they don’t block either, except for its two shields which fortunately it doesn’t use very frequently. With that said, physical, dark and ice are still the robot’s icon biases. His Subroutine Immobilize seems to have medium to high freezing rate, so Parched Baguette and/or Blessing of Natural Armour crystals are both must-have’s. Besides, blasting his Subroutine Special and Subroutine Advance might help make the battle a little bit easier. Its Subroutine Immobilise and Subroutine Defend are further down the to-blast list, but I’d choose the Immobiliser over the Defend, as I didn’t notice that the Defend was used frequently when I was fighting it, though when it actually used the shield it felt like hitting a brick wall because paired with its high defence the armour felt like an infinite-use full blocker to a T11 pet. You can leave the Subroutine Heal alone, since it doesn’t block much and its heal is not that impressive either. The negative heal, however, left me unimpressed and I don’t count on it to work to my advantage at all.

For choice of weapons, I made sure both my attackers have some heal on them, in case its curse activated. I used The Ether to counter the physical attack, but there are other (perhaps more ideal) alternatives: Ancestral Unrest and Charged Tower Shield. For those without god weapons, I’ve found some good physical blocks such as the Aerial Assault Jet Pack or Double Chakram, though I’d recommend the latter since it comes with a blessing, some percentage heal and some light block too. More affordable options (and still good!) are Plague Claw and the Turkey Quill. My second attacker was the Paintbrush Blades, which I found to be perfect for this challenger, since it took care of three of its other icon biases (dark, ice and light). The Malerias Cursed Arm Bangle is also an excellent alternative for its spread-out defence.

For scrolls, I used Aftershocks. It’s a good one against this challenger since it threw in some extra physical, dark and earth defence. Feather Explosion, Skelly Scroll or Ocean Currents are all good alternatives, since they each take care of some of the icons that the Droid deals. I haven’t tested Divine Denizhen, but I imagine it would be possible for those with solid stats (high T11- T12) to make good use out of it. Then I equipped as many freezing scrolls as possible. I’ve got only one Psycho Smasher, so I opted for cheaper freezing scrolls (Perilous Whirlpools and Gale Force from battle shop). I also equipped one Cobalt Eternal, but never got around to using it for my first 5 wins. However, if you prioritise blocking over freezing, having a couple of them or the Sancturia Exodin wouldn’t hurt in cases of emergency.

I didn’t use any shards or throwing potions, but if you’re in the lower range of T11 I’d recommend bringing with you Death, Darkness, Light, Ice, Wind, Water and Earth shards just to be careful. Any throwing potions will do, because unless it has its shield up it doesn’t really block anything.

—Personal notes and strategy—
The most common (and probably safest) approach would be to freeze it first turn to get your anti-freeze blessing up or at least cancel out the Droid’s freeze if it happens to use the Immobilizer first. If your pet’s stats are still in the lower T11 range, I’d recommend double-blasting while the robot is still frozen. My approach was to spread my blasts across the first two turns: I used the Soma Tablets first (for the chance for a freeze/ curse/ blessing) then the Recycle Blaster. I used the Volatile Mecha during my third turn to set up the curse, as it was expected to be a long battle so the sooner the curse was up the better. I tended to reserve my freezing scrolls and OPB freezer until the final leg of the battle when the Droid had only 6,000-5,000 HP left. Other than that, I just hit and healed, and only used clutch healers when my HP was critically low (around 1,000 HP) and when I guessed a crit-hit was coming from the Droid’s end. This approach however doesn’t work for everyone, and I guess my stat allocation to Defence and Health allowed me to do this more effectively than some other builds. Having said that, I might have to change my strategy for win 6 onwards, and might have to wait until I’ve got more stats for a relatively decent record for 10 wins (fewer losses than wins, that is).

I made it to win 5 without too much difficulty, and always ended the battle with 500-1,000 HP shy of full health with one clutch healer (Phoenix Quill or Reviver of the Lion) left in my set. I guess a low- to mid- T11 pet could take on the Droid, and the number of wins will increase and the difficulty decrease with a pet’s total stats.

My pet’s stats (wins 1-5): (T11) 2,550 Str/ 2,700 Def/ 1,837 Sp/ 3,770 HP/ 1,458 Int (91 AP)
Average hit: 1,200-1,300
Average heal: 900HP
Droid’s average hit (no shield used): 1,400
Droid’s average heal: 300HP
(These stats were only applicable to my pet’s build and tier with the following set when the first 5 wins were achieved)

My battle set for the Droid: The Ether, Paintbrush blades, Phoenix Quill, Reviver of the Lion, Intricate Energized Helmet, Recycle Blaster, Soma Tablets, Volatile Energized Mecha.
My scroll set for the Droid: Aftershocks, Cobalt Eternal, Gale Force, Perilous Whirlpool x5, Psycho Smasher.



TBT March ’17: Zephyr

Throwback Challenger March 2017: Zephyr

March seems to be Ziara’s month on Subeta with a wave of robotic challengers. Although Zephyr is ‘brought back’ in Subeta’s Throwback Thursdays series, I have not seemed to locate a report of his stats and weapons anywhere else, so I’ve decided to record my battling experience against this robotic bird.

Health 4,000
Strength 2,150
Defence 3,500
Speed 2,000
EXP 1,400

Category: Extremely Hard
Zephyr: FreezeHealSteal – Curse – Blessing
You: Freeze – Heal – Steal – Curse – Blessing

Blade-Tipped Wings
14-17 physical, 10-14 wind
Blocks 7 dark, 7 earth, 7 light

Laser Eyes
7 physical, 7 dark,6-19 light, 7 wind
Blocks 50 dark

Gigaton Bomb
8 fire, 8 dark, 8 light, 8 magma, 8 wind
Chance to activate Chemical Warfare (curse): 1 fire 1 dark
Disables weapons for 2 turns

Zephyr seems to be quite straightforward in its attack and defence. Its icon biases are physical and wind, though an extra light blocking attacker can be very helpful too. Although it doesn’t freeze, steal or heal, don’t let yourself be caught off-guard because its curse is not a pleasant one to deal with, even if you have slightly outgrown this challenger. Blasting both its Gigaton Bombs will therefore guarantee you a better chance for a win if you are not yet T9. When you’ve got rid of the Gigaton Bombs, the rest should be much easier to deal with, since they are pretty much predictable.

The best weapons against this challenger would be a combination of dual duties with either a physical or wind block and a spread-out defence against at least two other of its attack types. Blessed Trident of the Banished One and Charged Tower Shield are both excellent T8 choices for Zephyr. More affordable options for physical and/or light blocks are Double Chakrams, Turkey Quill or the lesser, non-heal Item Defenders Shield. If you’ve got more than 1,500 Speed by the time you attempt for a win against Zephyr, the Featherweight Axe of Gusts is also a good wind-blocker. Moving up the tiers, pets at T10 might find the Plague Claw a good physical block. Since Zephyr doesn’t freeze, you can mod any available slots in your weapons with defence baguette crystals for added defence against its three main icon types (light, physical and fire) or added attack if you can take care of its icons. Try to avoid dark, earth and light crystals though, since Zephyr blocks those.

Generally, scrolls with defence and heal are helpful, and those with some added attack are even better. Aftershocks and Feather Explosion both make for good infinite options. However, whenever the curse activates, you’ll need to switch to defensive or healing scrolls instead. Equip as many Sancturia Exodin as you can, since they block three of Zephyr’s biased icons. Triple Threat makes for another useful infinite defensive scroll, but then you’ll still be vulnerable to its physical attack, so having Death, Light, Wind and Fire Shards equipped would be good for emergency cases too.