TBT March ’17: Zephyr

Throwback Challenger March 2017: Zephyr

March seems to be Ziara’s month on Subeta with a wave of robotic challengers. Although Zephyr is ‘brought back’ in Subeta’s Throwback Thursdays series, I have not seemed to locate a report of his stats and weapons anywhere else, so I’ve decided to record my battling experience against this robotic bird.

Health 4,000
Strength 2,150
Defence 3,500
Speed 2,000
EXP 1,400

Category: Extremely Hard
Zephyr: FreezeHealSteal – Curse – Blessing
You: Freeze – Heal – Steal – Curse – Blessing

Blade-Tipped Wings
14-17 physical, 10-14 wind
Blocks 7 dark, 7 earth, 7 light

Laser Eyes
7 physical, 7 dark,6-19 light, 7 wind
Blocks 50 dark

Gigaton Bomb
8 fire, 8 dark, 8 light, 8 magma, 8 wind
Chance to activate Chemical Warfare (curse): 1 fire 1 dark
Disables weapons for 2 turns

Zephyr seems to be quite straightforward in its attack and defence. Its icon biases are physical and wind, though an extra light blocking attacker can be very helpful too. Although it doesn’t freeze, steal or heal, don’t let yourself be caught off-guard because its curse is not a pleasant one to deal with, even if you have slightly outgrown this challenger. Blasting both its Gigaton Bombs will therefore guarantee you a better chance for a win if you are not yet T9. When you’ve got rid of the Gigaton Bombs, the rest should be much easier to deal with, since they are pretty much predictable.

The best weapons against this challenger would be a combination of dual duties with either a physical or wind block and a spread-out defence against at least two other of its attack types. Blessed Trident of the Banished One and Charged Tower Shield are both excellent T8 choices for Zephyr. More affordable options for physical and/or light blocks are Double Chakrams, Turkey Quill or the lesser, non-heal Item Defenders Shield. If you’ve got more than 1,500 Speed by the time you attempt for a win against Zephyr, the Featherweight Axe of Gusts is also a good wind-blocker. Moving up the tiers, pets at T10 might find the Plague Claw a good physical block. Since Zephyr doesn’t freeze, you can mod any available slots in your weapons with defence baguette crystals for added defence against its three main icon types (light, physical and fire) or added attack if you can take care of its icons. Try to avoid dark, earth and light crystals though, since Zephyr blocks those.

Generally, scrolls with defence and heal are helpful, and those with some added attack are even better. Aftershocks and Feather Explosion both make for good infinite options. However, whenever the curse activates, you’ll need to switch to defensive or healing scrolls instead. Equip as many Sancturia Exodin as you can, since they block three of Zephyr’s biased icons. Triple Threat makes for another useful infinite defensive scroll, but then you’ll still be vulnerable to its physical attack, so having Death, Light, Wind and Fire Shards equipped would be good for emergency cases too.


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