Volitus Ventri

CS Challenger April 2017: Volitus Ventri

To align with the upcoming Vesnali, Peka Glade joins the urban myth challenger wave this year with a plant creature, said to be of common ancestor with the Aeanoid, the Volitus Ventri. The challenger can be unlocked by purchasing the Living Petri Dish from the Cash Shop, which is available from April 23rd until end of May 31st, 2017.

Health 350
Strength 200
Defence 150
Speed 150
EXP 600

Category: Medium
Ventri: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing
You: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing

Sharp Leaf Snag (at least 4)
2-6 physical, 2-4 earth, 3-4 water
blocks 7 physical, 4 earth

Activates Sneaky Spores (Curse, 1 turn)
1 earth, 1 light, 1 wind
disables scrolls, allows 1 weapon

Paralysap (at least 7)
2 earth, 2-3 light, 2-4 water
blocks 3 physical 3 earth 3 wind
Heals 25HP
100% freeze
Once per battle

Bloom Blast
4-6 earth, 4-6 wind, 4-6 light
Once per battle

The Ventri doesn’t have high stats and is perhaps beatable with a T3 pet, although win 10 might take a while because it would scale to 650-ish Health by then. With the right strategy and solid set, perhaps it can even be defeated by a T2 pet. The only thing that makes this challenger difficult is its curse, which luckily doesn’t last long, but on the other hand would activate very frequently since it has at least 4 copies of the Leaf Snag.

For pets at T4 and below, I’d recommend a blocker and a good scroll in case you’re caught in the curse. The Ventri’s main icons are physical and earth, so you’d definitely want to block those. You’ll also want to mod any empty slots of your weapons with the Blessing of Natural Armor Crystal, found in the Battle Shop or in user shops, to activate the blessing that prevents you from being frozen by the Paralysaps. You’ll also want to avoid doing the icons that the Ventri blocks, namely physical, earth, and wind, as much as possible.

For T2-T3 weapons, I’d recommend the Armored Groblen and Inverted Galaxy Orb, but you should only use them when the curse is up and your health is critically low. Their defence will help block out some of the Ventri’s attack and the inverted galaxy comes with some healing too. You might also want to equip an Icy Freezing Rod of Doom to freeze it first turn, paired with the Shrine of Porin to activate a blessing that helps take care of those physical attacks. The Life Arrowhead and Ruffie Healy Bones are also good emergency healers for T3s. Bombs will prove rather useful as well. Some bomb suggestions include Pie Bomb, Death Soul Stone, Keiths Quill, Bomb-Disguided Surfboard, Bottled Wind, Lightning Bolt, Present Bomb and Smiling Bomb. For main attackers, there are a whole lot of options to choose from, including the Welldweller Gauntlets, Earth Soul Stone, Blade of Sacrifice and Zephyr Wand. T2 unfortunately doesn’t have a high-freezing weapon, but you can use Glaciating Pylonic or Ice Subetaball for a chance instead. You might also want to equip the Dark Potions (try to avoid the earth ones) for some extra damage in close cases.

For scrolls, the best for lower tiered pets, if you haven’t got the high-end ones, is probably Divine Denizhen. However, if you don’t feel like spending a lot for that scroll, I’ve got a few other options here to consider. Some of them are a little bit expensive, but some are dirt cheap, and even more so when you buy ingredients to make them yourself: Lucent Barrier, Elegy of Earth, Emerald Stonewall and Tempestilence, in no particular order.

–Personal notes and strategy–

As far as strategy goes, you’d want to freeze the Ventri first turn while adding some attack, and don’t forget to use your scroll. Then try to get your blessing up when the Ventri is frozen. Whenever you’re cursed and the Ventri is not frozen, try to use an attacker with some block or heal up when necessary. Otherwise, you’d want to finish the battle as soon as possible, so bombs will always be your best friend in this battle. Pets from T4 and higher can steamroll this opponent without much difficulty, and the most effective strategy would be freeze + bomb, then heal + bomb (or either of these two if the curse is up – whether to use heal or bomb depends on your HP left at the time). Gorgun or any other 100% freezer (Gate Keeper Collar of Slavery or Deluxe Death Shard) would replace the Icy Freezing Rod of Doom for T4+ pets.


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