Starved Saheric Spirit

CS Challenger June 2017: Starved Saheric Spirit (SSS)

We head to summer with another Impossible challenger from the Sacred Lands. The challenger can be unlocked from the Carved Stone Saheric Beetle, purchasable from the Cash Shop from June 18th until end of July 31st, 2017.

Health 8,924
Strength 2,973
Defence 3,465
Speed 3,257
EXP 3,000

Category: Extremely Hard/ Impossible
Gives out both types of tokens (EH and IMP)
SSS: Freeze Heal StealCurse Blessing
You: Freeze Heal StealCurseBlessing

Wretched Wrap
Blocks 20 physical, light, fire, earth, dark and wind.

Viscous Vomit
10-13 dark, 4-5 ice, 3-5 light, 8-10 water
Blocks 10 each of physical, dark, earth and wind

Beetle Bites
4-10 physical, 8-11 fire, 4-12 dark, 6-10 earth, 5-9 magma
Blocks 4 physical, 5 fire, 4 dark, 5-6 earth, 4 light, 4-5 magma, 6 wind

Skeletal Stab
18-24 physical, 9 earth, 9 magma, 10-14 wind
Boosts strength by 100 each use

The Spirit’s stats are rather low for an Impossible challenger, however the difficulty lies in its gimmicks. It doesn’t deal anything big apart from physical and dark, which are its icon biases and should be your priority block. However, with healing and freezing disabled, you’ll need to block as many of its icons as possible, while looking to deal water/ ice/ magma, which it doesn’t block, or only a little if it blocks at all.

Since healing is disabled, you will also find defence much more important to your survivability. Cobalt Eternals are extremely helpful since they block chunks of at least 4 of the Spirit’s main icons (physical, dark, fire and earth). If your pet has lots of AP, try to equip as many of these as possible. If you rely on scrolls as a main source of defence, you can patch up whatever holes left in Cobalt’s block by pairing Plague Claw (physical), Malignant Rift Staff (dark and magma) or Malevolent Gingerbread Peel (water and magma) with another attacker that deals water, ice or magma icons. Pets at T11 might find the Paintbrush Blades of better use than the previously listed weapons. You might want to replace any cheap mods on your weapons with defensive baguette crystals found in the Token shops for added defence, and equip dark magma and water potions for extra damage. It depends on the set you’ve got available that you might find more physical, dark, or water defence necessary.

If you don’t have the fund for Cobalts, I’d recommend attempting for the first few wins when your pet has around 2,500 Defence and 2,500 Health. If you can block effectively, chances are you’ll take anywhere between 60 to 400 damage per turn, though the bigger hits might be on the rare end. Pets with lower health and defence might suffer from the big hits since you won’t be able to heal up again during the battle. An effective blocker is Blackmoons War Plate, paired with either Aftershocks or Divine Denizhen, though the former is much more recommended.

Other possible options, albeit expensive and might be useful against only a few opponents, are Ancestral Unrest, The Ether, or the lesser physical-blocking option Aerial Assault Jet Pack. Aftershocks makes a nice infinite blocking and attacking scroll when you’ve run out of Cobalts. Other attacking options include Sierrac Basal Ice Flail, Cursed Liquid Fire Torch or Frozen Ocean Curl but only if you can take care of physical and dark icons. Blasting might help if you can get rid of the troublesome Skeletal Stab or Wretched Wrap; other blasts might not be of much help, though. Remember to bring with you into battle as many full blocks as possible (Shinwas Temple Shard, Rainbow Vortex and Amulet of Neutrality are some that you can equip). For one-use potion, the Negating Pylonic is helpful as another full-block option.

–Personal notes and strategies–

I’ve got 10 wins at T11 with 4,000 HP. I ended the last battle with a little over 1,000 HP left, which means a pet with 3,000 HP and roughly 2,800 Defence can also get to 10 wins. For wins 1-8, I used Ancestral Unrest + Paintbrush Blades, paired with Aftershocks. I stalled at wins 8, but got wins 9 and 10 pretty easily by switching up gears, specifically using The Ether + Blackmoons War Plate paired with Aftershocks. The other default options in my set were Cursed Liquid Fire Torch, Soma Tablets, Recycle Blaster, Amulet of Neutrality, Shinwas Temple Shard and Volatile Energized Mecha.

For scrolls, I alternated between Aftershocks and Divine Denizhen, with Aftershocks being my main choice. I’ve got only one Cobalt Eternal in my scroll set, and use it only when I want to go for double attacks (i.e. using two attackers at the same time).

Hanson’s stats at 10 wins: Level: 894, Health: 4065, Strength: 3104, Defence: 2758, Speed: 2072 (Total stats: 11,999).
Spirit’s average hit (with right block): 60-100; Spirit’s average biggest hit: 300-450, biggest hit at win 10: 791 (probably crit hit).



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