Frosting Beast

Event Challenger June 2017: Frosting Beast

Frosting Beast was first released during Subeta Peka Food Fest week, which lasted from June 25 until July 2nd, 2017. The challenger could be unlocked by throwing a food or candy item from either the Food Market or Candy Shack. Frosting Beast (FB) is available under the Event tab in the Battle Coliseum.

Health 545
Strength 350
Defence 300
Speed 375
EXP 550

Category: Hard
FB: FreezeHeal StealCurse Blessing
You: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing

5th win loot: Sprinkittles (minion) and Frosting Pizza (food)

Freaky Frosting
4-8 physical, 5-7 earth, 8-10 light
Blocks 5 wind
Boost your pet’s strength by 10 each use. Yes you read it right XD.

Gloopy Glomp
3-5 physical, 4 fire, 3-5 earth, 1-3 light, 4 magma
Blocks 2 fire, 2 earth, 2 ice, 2 light.

Wicked Wax
4 physical, 5-7 fire, 5-6 light
Chance to freeze

Frosting Beast can be beaten 5 times with an evenly-trained, high T3 pet, even without scrolls and throwing potions. This means if you use these, you can try to get your first win(s) in with a mid T3 pet.

Since the FB can freeze, it is very important that you have freeze protection up. Modifying your weapons with Blessing of Natural Armor Tear Crystal (BoNA) can help activate an anti-freeze blessing and some extra defence. It is recommended that you slot at least 2 BoNAs on two of your most used weapons in this fight.

As for weapons, T3-4 pets have a more limited range to choose from than their bigger peers. If you’ve got low health, it is important that you paired an infinite attacking weapon with a shield throughout the battle, considering the FB’s hit scaling from 40 to 200 damage from win 1 to win 10. Survivability depends on protection against the FB’s main icons, which are light, earth, physical and fire.

For that reason, the Faulds of Deathward makes both an affordable and decent blocking option which protects you from the FB’s light, physical and earth damage. Pair it with either the Dark-Jeweled Sword or Antihero Sword (made through Asmodeus lab) and you’re good to go. The Shrine of Apollonia’s blessing will throw in some extra earth defence for 10 turns. Either Shrine of Porin or Shrine of Wokam is actually better, but unless you’ve already owned them, don’t go out of your way to buy them just for this challenger.

As far as strategy goes, try to freeze the FB first turn. Tier 3 pets can use the Icy Freezing Rod of Doom, while Tier 4 have a more reliable freezer in the Gorgun. When the FB is frozen, you might want to use your Shrine for the blessing and a bomb for extra damage during that turn. Clockwork Bomber is cheap and usable by Tier 3 pets. Other decent options include Pie Bomb (T3), Boysenberry Pie Bomb (T3) and V-nuke (T4). When your blessing is up, you can use your main attacker + shield, and heal when necessary. Healing items that you can bring into the battle include Life Arrowhead (T3) or Ruffie Healy Bones (T3) or Rainbow Quill (T4). Jewel Encrusted Quill and Revivifying Pylonic make for backup heals. It is also recommended that you keep a Phoenix Quill in your set if your pet is in the mid to early high T3 range.

Besides your main attacker, you can equip throwing potions for extra buff and damage. Dark Water, Magma and Death potions are recommended. You can also equip the Glaciating Pylonic for a chance for an extra freeze, and the Regenerating Pylonic for stat boost in battle, especially if you feel you are not strong enough.

For scrolls, Divine Denizhen makes for the ideal option. However, if you find it too pricey, you can resort to more affordable ones. Depending on what you’re still lacking in your defence, you might want to pick from one of the following options. Also remember that making these scrolls through the Secluded Shrine is usually much cheaper than buying straight from user shops.

For fire/ magma defence: Black Rose Summit, Elegy of Earth, Hydra of Tears (13HP heal per turn), Still Pool (low freeze chance), and Stinging Swarm Pool.
For light defence: Baneful Sin or Emerald Stonewall.
For physical defence: Cyclone Carapace, Elegy of Earth, Emerald Stonewall or Lucent Barrier.
If your pet is T5 and above, and if you prefer healing over defence, these scrolls might help: Singed Stuffing (recommended because it comes with some attack) or Soothing Current (8% heal)

When you have prepared a set, you can patch up any unused mod slot with defence tear crystals. It depends on the defence of your set that you might want to buy a fire defence, physical defence or light defence tear crystal for some added protection against the FB’s major attack.


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