MC Challenger: Ancient Sphinx

Millionaire Centre Challenger: Ancient Sphinx

Released December 2015, the Ancient Sphinx can be summoned as a Secret Challenger by having all the Sphinx minions (Spring Sphinx, Summer Sphinx, Autumn Sphinx and Winter Sphinx) in your inventory and visit the Wizard (in Sacred Land, or by visiting the Wizard Quest). This action will consume all the minions and give you the challenger.

Health 10,000
Strength 4,000
Defence 3,000
Speed 2,700
EXP 3,000

Category: Extremely Hard
Ancient Sphinx: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing
You: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing
Loot drops: Ancient Sphinx Lexicon (book) and Malevolent Sphinx Mask (wearable) (click to view on Subetalodge).

Rushing River
8 dark, 17-19 water, 6-9 earth
Blocks 5 fire, 5 magma
Heals 350HP

Shadow Self
5-10 physical, 8-13 wind
Blocks 14 dark, 14 light, 5 ice, 5 wind

Sudden Rainstorm
12-13 water, 4-8 earth
Blocks 10 fire, 10 light, 10 ice

Pins and Needles
9-14 physical, 5-7 dark, 7 water, 5-7 earth,
Blocks 8 dark

17 fire, 7-8 magma
Blocks 7 physical, 7 wind

Pitch Dark Scroll
6 dark
May activate Incomprehension (curse – 1 turn) 4 dark, 4 wind
Curse disables scrolls

The Sphinx doesn’t allow freezing or stealing, so put away your freezer and Truth Serum or KT Ring, and use your blasters to blast its weapons during the first two turns instead. This opponent does a lot of physical, water, and fire. Dark is its fourth most common icon, but you can tackle that, or part of that, with the right scroll. The curse that comes with the Sphinx’s scroll, however, disables scrolls for one turn and is activated quite frequently, so it is important to keep in your set attackers with high percentage heal and spread-out defence just in case.

When it comes to attack, you might want to deal as much water and earth as possible while blocking its most common icon types. For physical block, there are better options in The Ether (T10) and Ancestral Unrest (T11), but Plague Claw (T10) can make for a decent physical block too. To counter the water attack, pets with 2,000 speed or more may find the Sierrac Basal Ice Flail useful. Bludgeon of Mass Extinction wouldn’t be too bad either, since it blocks some water and fire. For scroll, Aftershocks is one of the best to use, besides Ocean Current and Feather Explosion. Cobalt Eternals are also good to equip, however since chances are you might not have many opportunities to use scroll, it’s better to use Aftershocks/Ocean Current/ Feather Explosion for the block, extra attack and heal.

Whenever scrolls are disabled, you might want to change your attacker combo, especially if you are low in health and need to heal up. Without the protection of scrolls, you might want something with spread-out defence and high heal. You can pair your main attacker (physical or water block) with one of the following: Paintbrush Blades (T11), Malerias Cursed Arm Bangle (T10), Blackmoons War Plate (T10) or Malevolent Gingerbread Peel (T10), though the former three are preferred. Since the Sphinx doesn’t freeze, you can replace any cheap mod crystals or slot into any free slots in your weapons more defence baguettes of physical, water, fire or dark.

If your pet is T11, don’t forget to bring the Volatile Energized Mecha into battle and use it during the first turn for the curse and blessing. The blessing blocks 7 physical and provides some heal, so it will help you take care of some physical icons too.

-Personal notes and strategy-

My set includes the following:
Phoenix Quill, Reviver of the Lion, Recycle Blaster, Soma Tablets, The Ether, Paintbrush Blades, Volatile Energized Mecha and Blackmoons War Plate.

For scroll, I used only Aftershocks.