TBT August ’17: Bloodred Golem and Llindorm

Bloodred Golem

Health 1,200
Strength 900
Defence 1,000
Speed 10
EXP 700

Category: Hard
Golem: Freeze – Heal – Steal – Curse – Blessing
You: Freeze – Heal – Steal – Curse – Blessing

Hydragellos Lost Tooth
5 fire, 25 dark, 5 magma
Blocks 10 or 60 light
Chance to activate Cry of the Hydragellos (blessing, 1 turn):
Blocks 75 of every icon except physical

Bloodred Sai
6 physical, 2 dark, 2 ice, 2 magma

Bloodred Chelon Gem
12 magma
Blocks 2 earth, 2 ice

Bloodred Axe
4 physical, 4 dark

Bloodred Hunting Knife
5 physical, 5 dark, 5 earth

Calvin Blackmoon Field Talisman
5 earth, 5 light, 5 physical
Blocks 50 earth

Despite having high attack and defence, Bloodred Golem is actually a high T3 – T4 challenger. Physical, dark and earth are his most common icons, though his magma icons coming from Bloodred Chelon Gem might throw you off if you don’t have proper protection against them. That said, you still need to be careful when fighting him. It’s true that he uses mainly T1-T3 weapons, and even his only T5 weapon hits as hard as a T3; however, his high attack ensures that he still deals lots of damage despite the limited icons. Besides, he might have low speed, but his high defence means that neither of you will be able to land crit hit on the other.

When it comes to set, just make sure that you don’t pick a weapon that is heavy on earth icons, since with his high defence your effort will likely go to waste. You should prioritise blocking, healing and blessing, as battles tend to get longer as you advance past the first win. Luckily, his physical, dark and earth icons are the easiest to defend against, and any hole in your magma defence can be made up for by using a complementary blocker or scrolls.

You might want to freeze him first turn, using Icy Freezing Rod of Doom (T3) or Gorgun (T4). After that, try to get your blessing up by using Shrine of Apollonia (dark + earth), Shrine of Wokam (earth + magma), or Shrine of Porin (physical + magma + dark). If you’ve got two, you can use both, but usually the Shrine of Apollonia would do just fine. You can also use a hard hitting bomb during the second turn, or if your health is low, to use your main healer to heal up.

There are many combinations that can work against this challenger. One of the best shields would be Forj Tempered Tassets (magma + earth) or Forj Tempered Vambraces (magma + dark), or Azathoth Hungry Boots (earth + physical + dark). Some complementary blockers to consider for pairing with your shields would be Awesomely Totally Bent Pokey Stick (T3 – blocks physical), Classic Hero Sword (T3 – blocks dark) or Bubble Wand (T3 – blocks magma). What you pick for your set is up to you, just make sure you’ve got a good coverage of dark, physical, earth and magma icons. Divine Denizhen makes for the best defensive and healing scroll, besides other defensive scrolls such as Lucent Barrier, Still Pool (which comes with low freeze chance) or Stinging Swarm. However, a healing scroll is still highly recommended as you will need to ensure you survive long enough for the battle. If you’ve got unused AP, you can equip a couple Perilous Whirlpool for chain freezing at the beginning of the battle to gain some advantage upon him.

Bloodred Golem doesn’t freeze, so make the most out of this feature by slotting defensive tear crystals on your weapons. Magma defence tear crystals would be the best, as your block and blessing should take care of the other icons. Having clutch healers in your set such as Phoenix Quill, Revivifying Pylonic, Rainbow Quill (T4) and Ruffie Healy Bones (T3) or Life Arrowhead (T3) will make a difference in your win chance, and don’t forget Glaciating Pylonic for a chance to freeze, as well as Negating Pylonic for an emergency full block. Magma shards and dark potions (all except earth) are helpful too.


Health 10,000
Strength 3,000
Defence 3,000
Speed 2,000
EXP 3,000

Category: Hard
Llindorm: Freeze – Heal – Steal – Curse – Blessing
You: Freeze – Heal – Steal – Curse – Blessing

Hydragellos Lost Tooth
5 fire, 25 dark, 5 magma
Blocks 10 or 60 light
Chance to activate Cry of the Hydragellos (blessing, 1 turn):
Blocks 75 of every icon except physical

Malerias Clawed Glove
11-12 dark, 6-7 ice, 5-6 magma
Blocks 4-5 ice, 4-5 magma
Low chance to steal
Chance to activate Malerias Deathglove (curse, 4 turns):
6 dark

Twisted Obsidian Glove
23-27 physical, 5 fire, 5 dark
Blocks 10 magma, 25 or 75 fire

Grand Talon
18 earth, 16 physical
Blocks 7 wind, 6 physical

Malevolent Grimfruit
8 fire, 10 earth
Heals 40 HP

Frostbite Amulet
8 light, 11 water, 11 ice
Blocks 60 water
18% chance to freeze

Repair Bot (2 copies)
Heals 1000 HP

Llindorm seems to borrow his weapons from everywhere over Subeta, some of which allow him certain unpredictability when it comes to freezing and stealing, so Blessing of Natural Armor and Parched Baguettes are must-have mod crystals for your weapons. Other than that, he is rather predictable icon-wise, and the fact that all features are enabled against him makes him more of a T10 challenger, scaling to T11 in later fights.

Llindorm is heavy in physical, dark and earth, with ice and water being his secondary threats but you don’t have too much to worry about them. He seems to have two copies of each weapon, so if you can get rid of any of them completely, especially Hydragellos Lost Tooth, Grand Talon or Twisted Obsidian Glove, chances are you’ll have more room to breathe during the fight. To this end, double blasting using Recycle Blaster and Soma Tablets can help, but you can also pair stealing, using either KT Ring or Truth Serum, with blasting. Frostbite Amulet makes for the most ideal steal and you can use this to try to chain freeze him. Other weapons, even the annoying Repair Bots, should not be as much of a threat to you.

When fighting Llindorm, you should prioritise blocking paired with high percentage heal. Ideally, both your attackers should have some heal on them. If that is difficult to manage, one should have big block, while the other has heal. Plague Claw (T10) or Replica Minotaur Knocker both have heal on them, if you cannot afford their more expensive counterparts The Ether or Ornamented Hook Swords. Other equivalent chunk blocks without heal are Aerial Assault Jet Pack (physical) and Malerias Short Sword (earth), or for dark, Gelatin Slayer. The blessing and curse on the first two, respectively, are quite nice too. You can also opt for the Maliss Cannon, which blocks some earth, dark, and ice, though its lack of heal can prove disadvantageous. You can pair your attacker with a shield such as Flayed Lord Breastplate or Blackmoons War Plate, but be careful as the former has a chance of not blocking anything at all. If you’ve got the Chancellors War Shield, it’s the perfect one to use against this challenger.

For scrolls, Divine Denizhen/ Terra Focujin/ Holy Deluge are nice for their percentage heal. You can also equip defensive scrolls such as Cobalt Eternal and chance freezing scrolls such as Perilous Whirlpool. Besides, death, darkness, water, ice, and earth shards would help in a pinch. Throwing potions can speed up the battle a little bit, while a Negating Pylonic for an emergency full block and Glaciating Pylonic for chance freezing would be some good options to keep in your set. Don’t forget full healers such as Reviver of the Lion and Phoenix Quill, and if you think you need more of a punch, Regenerating Pylonic can help boosting your Strength and Defence a bit.



CS Challenger July 2017: Jollyjaw

Yet another summer-themed challenger, this time a shark called Jollyjaw from Carnivale, Delphi Beach. Jollyjaw can be unlocked from the Bloody Shark Jaw, purchasable from the Cash Shop from July 24th until end of August 31st, 2017.

Health 3,000
Strength 2,800
Defence 2,000
Speed 1,700
EXP 1,350

Category: Very Hard
Jollyjaw: FreezeHealStealCurse Blessing
You: FreezeHealStealCurseBlessing
Loot: Jagged Ocean Rocks (wearable) and Jollyjaw Plushie (plushie)

Gaping Jaws
7-9 physical, 6 fire, 8-10 water
Blocks 8 physical
Boosts strength by 40 each use

Shark Jump
6-11 physical, 7-12 water, 8 wind

Raw Red Nose
9 or 10 physical, 7 or 8 dark, 10 water

Seaweed Strangle (has 2 copies)
Blocks 7 each of physical, dark, earth, ice, water and wind
Heals 100 or 200 HP
Chance to freeze
When stolen and used by you, will damage you for 15% of your pet’s max HP.

Red Current Scroll
1 or 2 fire, 0-3 water
Blocks 3 or 4 water
Heals 25HP

Just a quick look and it’s quite clear that Jollyjaw is heavy in three main types of icons, namely physical, water and fire. With that in mind, as long as you can protect yourself effectively against his big icons (physical and water), at his stats he can be beaten with a high T6/ T7 pet. However, pets at the lower end of the spectrum will need a good scroll set, or at least one infinite healing scroll to be able to get to 5 wins. Without scrolls, it is near impossible for T6 or even T7 pets to beat this challenger.

Seaweed Strangles are Jollyjaw’s most unpleasant weapons to deal with. With them, he can freeze you, block, and also outheal your damage. Therefore, blasting these is important to your survival and winning chance. Luckily, he has only two copies, so with some luck you might get rid of both with Recycle Blaster and Soma Tablets. An alternative method is to pair stealing with blasting. Just remember to use a stealer such as Truth Serum or even the cheaper KT Ring first before blasting with your Recycle Blaster, or you might run a risk of stealing the blasted weapon itself, which will make your effort go to waste.

If you’re lucky enough to steal one of his Seaweed Strangle, you can use this weapon against him. Interestingly it provides partial protection against all of his icon types, with a freeze chance to boot. To circumvent the -15% heal penalty, it is recommended that you pair it with a high percentage healing weapon, such as the Reborn Icewand of Doom, and an infinite healing scroll, such as Divine Denizhen. You should however use this only when you’ve got sufficient health and want to attempt for a freeze. It’s quite risky to use when your health is low.

When blessing is disabled, the best way for smaller pets to win is to take down Jollyjaw as quickly as possible to avoid being frozen. It’s best if you can chain freeze him. Weapons such as Reborn Icewand of Doom can make for a good infinite healer. Your second attacker should be an infinite freezer, such as Frozen Ocean Curl, Shards of Space and Time, Dragon Soul or the cheaper MC Ice Rose. For T8 pets, Sierrac Basal Ice Flail, Rapier of Error or better still Frostbite Amulet is useful as well. AShards of Space and Time unfortunately takes up the freezer slot, which means you cannot bring your 100% freezer into battle. When attacking, you might want to alternate between your infinite healer and your infinite freezer, paired with a shield, such as Flayed Lord Breastplate, Defensive Feather or Item Defenders Shield. Since the shark’s icons are quite narrow, you can choose to slot Water Defense Baguette/ Tear Crystals and/or Physical Defense Tear Crystal for added defence. Singed Tear Crystals are also worth slotting on your weapons and shield. They add 3 icons (fire and magma – which Jollyjaw doesn’t block) per crystal to your weapon/ shield, and have a chance to activate a curse that deals 8 icons for 5 rounds. This should help speed the battle up for you a little bit more. Clutch healers such as Phoenix Quill and Reviver of the Lion will prove useful in emergency cases.

For scrolls, an infinite healing scroll such as Terra Focujin or Divine Denizhen works well against this challenger. Holy Deluge might work as well, since it blocks some water and has some damage. All of these can be made at the Shrine for cheaper than buying from user shop. If you’ve got AP to spare, equipping a few Perilous Whirlpool for extra freeze chance is recommended, or if you prefer, Cobalt Eternals or Sancturia Exodins for added defence.

–Personal notes and strategies–

I managed to get 5 wins with my high T6 pet (~830 in each stat) using Reborn Icewand of Doom, Frozen Ocean Curl and Flayed Lord Breastplate as infinite attackers and shield. I used only Divine Denizhen, since my pet has only 7 AP. Wins 1-3 went pretty smoothly with only a few losses, but wins 4 & 5 were particularly difficult. It is therefore recommended that a T6/T7 pet attempting to go against Jollyjaw to have a good set of scrolls to cut down as many losses as possible.