For all my Subeta battling records

After some deliberation I have decided to create a blog for my Subeta battling endeavour. This blog is heavily inspired by the original MrCool’s subeta battling blog, in case anyone is curious. However, due to my real life commitment I cannot afford to write a guide as proper and thorough as he did. I have therefore decided to write a battling journal instead. This is mostly for my personal progress tracking, but since my pet is nowhere near being one of the strongest pets while I’m writing this (my pet is 1,200 stats away from T12), there is a lot of room for growth and improvement, and I guess my progress tracking would be of some help to fellow battlers whose pets are of the same level as mine, and also those who are new to Subeta battling.

Since this is more of a journal than a guide, I may not have the exact information on challengers’ weapons or special abilities (freeze/ steal/ curse & blessing) to offer. What I note down in my entries are what I observe and record from my direct encounters with these challengers, and these are limited to the number of wins I stand a chance against those opponents. It often takes much more than 10 wins to gather enough data for an accurate overview of each challenger’s armory, so please bear with me as far as this is concerned. I’m also battling on a budget, and do not own the best weapon or scroll set on site. This will definitely bear an impact on a battle outcome, so please be informed that if you’ve got a more advanced set/ have higher AP than my pet does, the chance is that you may beat certain opponents at lower stats than I do. Beating opponents also depends a lot on a pet’s build. With these in mind, I will try to cover my pet’s stats and sets as reference in each post. You can then decide which weapons to include in your set to guarantee you a better chance for a win.